Bradford-on-Avon Skate Park

Johns Associates donates £2,000 towards the new skatepark project in Bradford-on-Avon to help push funding to its final goal.

After producing Bradford-on-Avon Town Council Lighting Strategy, Johns Associates donated £2,000 to help the production of the local Skatepark project. Here at Johns Associates we are delighted to be able to support this new facility and give back to the local community and provide opportunity for more outdoor activities. Who knows, Bradford-on-Avon may even produce a future skating Olympian!


August 2023

The goal of raising £250,000 was reached in January with the combined efforts of Bradford-on-Avon Town Council, SkateBOA and other individuals and local organisations. In March, the final designs, produced by Maverick Industries working closely with the skateboarding community and youth groups, were unanimously approved by the Town Council.

Weather permitting the grand opening will be happening on Saturday 9th September at Paulton Park.

Congratulations to all that have been part of this project!

Published: November 2022

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